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Here’s What I Realised That A Baking Class Won’t Teach Me

Here’s What I Realised That A Baking Class Won’t Teach Me

I can get a little too impatient sometimes. Especially when I am learning something new, I have to be instantly good at it to be taking it forward. And even if that magically happens in some cases, I am overly critical of practically everything that I do. I wanted to take up baking a while back since I was very passionate about it. I looked up everything on the internet, spoke to different people, read columns, watched shows and what not. So I decided to finally take classes from a professional. After some research, I found a very well reputed baker nearby who was taking part time classes. I instantly enrolled for the same. 

So on my first day, I was excited and the mere idea of learning something new was thrilling for me. I reached a little early to know the place better and get an idea of what it would be like to come here every weekend for at least 3 months (which was the starter pack I enrolled for). 

Long story short. I quit after the second week. And not because the cooking classes weren’t good enough or I had a bad teacher, none of that. But because I learnt I actually got it all wrong for myself. Funnily enough, I did not want to learn baking in the first place. I was just enthusiastic about it. And that is honestly it. I wanted to learn what I liked and why I liked it. A baking class was not going to teach that to me. Rather than learning the art, I wanted to talk about it, write about it and just relish the devouring experience. So I started  exploring pastry shops and online stores that sold cakes and other desserts. I tried to look for more creative options and fun cakes that were not mainstream and basic.

During the process, I came across Me:ette and this place has my heart. Till date, there’s barely a weekend that has gone by without me ordering one of their delicacies either for myself or my family. This place taught me how to truly appreciate and understand the art of baking, without actually having to make it yourself. And take it from someone, who has done a fair share of research on the subject, you have to try their amazing collection at least once in your life!